VSERV aims to simplify the process of setting up your new home.
We take away the hassle of looking for a trustworthy solution and offer a comprehensive product and service range, to satisfy all of our customers' needs.

Whether you are a home owner setting up your dream home or an investor looking to set up your house prior to renting it, as a Tata customer you are privileged to get exclusive offers and be assured of quality at an unmatched price.

At VSERV we cater to provide unique solutions and understand that not all clients have the same needs . VSERV aims to create a tailored approach from our menu of varied services thus enabling us to be a single source for all residential furnishing requirements. 

We would like to provide our esteemed clients the opportunity to avoid many coordination problems inherent in a multi firm approach and take advantage of the flawless execution and efficiency that can result from having fewer links in the information chain.

Our goal is to help our clients realise the full potential of their dream home through our services.

Packages (All Inclusive)


Bronze package
₹3.50 Lacs
Silver package
₹5.45 Lacs
Gold package
₹8.57 Lacs
Platinum package
₹10.94 Lacs
Durian is a premier furniture company in India with a robust presense across the country. With state of the art production facilities that make everything ranging from ply, laminates, veneers to sofas, chairs, beds, tables along with a whole lot more at a superior quality, Durian is committed to provide ultimate customer satisfaction.
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